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Cosmo Bowl HoReCa (Phunnel)


COSMOBOWL — Best bowl HCS 2018

Если вы хотите приобрести чаши в розницу, вы можете перейти на наш официальный магазин Wildberries или Ozon, выбрать нужное количество чаш и сделать заказ.

Глиняная, молоченая чашка обернутая берестой. Идеально для заведений. Вместимость около 20 грамм.
Clay, boiled in milk cup wrapped birch bark. Ideal for establishments. Capacity is about 20g.

Expenditure: 18—25g

Do you have your own establishment or store? We will put your company's logo on the cup for free when ordering from 100 pieces

Wholesale prices:

Turkish/Future/Shot/Bolt: From 500 - 3.5€, From 1000 - 3€, From 5000 - 2.4€
Dead: From 500 - 4.5€, From 1000 - 4€, From 5000 - 3.2€
Horeca: From 500 - 6€, From 1000 - 5.5€, From 5000 - 4.8€
Mixology: From 500 - 14€, From 1000 - 12€, From 5000 - 10€


If you purchased Cosmobowl from 1000 or 5000 pieces and became our distributor, you will automatically receive a 10% retrobonus from your order.
Retro bonus includes cup racks, T-shirts, personal Cosmobowl mouthpieces. 
Or you can get additional bowls for 10% of the order and use them for marketing. Choose for yourself how you want to use the bonus. Sell these bowls, give them to bloggers with their logo, or order these bowls with your company's logo.


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